Friday, March 24, 2006

Probabilistic World

Alas the sailor said if only I waited. I could have avoided the storm.

If only he was aware of the choice at any near higher level, would he have the ability to know what he was thinking was already thought.The coin has 2 choices, heads and tails. You toss them many times but you cant be sure of 100 % predictability.Further the coin has only 2 chances, imagine what other events in our life can have.

One of the interesting things to note from that astrology refering to sun-sign is that it was written that I have management skills not programming skills.
Its sad, how this world visions skills at such lower levels, it further an irony that the judgment of prediction is also based on such levels.

So the real thing is a probabilistic network game, programmed on a network, our world.The boundaries exactly set and its not possible to see beyond it unless we ourselves are outside.This feels much like the Matrix Quote by Oracle-"we can never see past the choices we don’t understand".

Such an Oracle ,a probabilistic gambler exists in each one of us, differences occur in the form we rate our ratings for probable events. This gives birth to "Belief" and its extreme form is BLINDNESS which is closely linked to 'love'.

We don’t really need implementation details here as to which part of the brain, which hormone secretes this(its hard coded-meaning no freedom of choice there)our area of concern is the control which orders the secretion of such hormones and cause the events. This exactly is controlled by the above stated probability.

Philosophy is prediction, it is thinking out of the world, because our basic notion itself is to know what's happening outside this boundaries.ALL this can be wrong game ,Everyone plays some game, lets play this one.So basic requirement is to understand the probabilistic network,to understand you have to first find out patterns that exist in the real world.Many researchers, scholars and writers have burned their life out and have given us the most important verdict-

"There are patterns but the reoccurrence is not a pattern"

Which means there are patterns in life but how they occur,when the occur and when next they will occur is random and difficult to predict.Now, here's the catch-that exactly is the point which I want to make. This verdict gives the hard proof of the probabilistic network around us.

The question that eventually arises in our mind is if its probabilistic and random how can boundaries exist?

Good Questions-but there lies the solution. Here comes the concept of the program that spawns this probabilistic network, one that assigns the probability chances to each events. For example-

In our numeric system, our probability sum is always 1.lets take the coin again and say heads has p(0.5) and tails p(0.5) which when summed up leads to 1.

Thus you can see the boundary and hence the events can never cross this limit. The spawning program also has checking functions to check this.The elements input to spawner program would be events,probabilities,boundaries-Once started we have certain targets to be achieved and rules encoded to get there, now the network needs to run over several runs to converge to that desired target.

The output-
Inside what we have is a living world, a world streaming with life!

Tribute to Life

i dont know...i dont know

there are so many things i dont know
yet there are so many more things i dont know
and there will be so many things i will never know
and yet there will be so many things i would want to know

till this land cracks
and this earth blasts
i will try to know

every drop becomes an ocean
everything that was clear becomes a confusion.
today tht is present tomm its past.
the sun is in erosion

i dont know...i dont know

there are so many things i dont know
yet there are so many more things i dont know
and there will be so many things i will never know
and yet there will be so many things i would want to know

solar systems,quatum molecules
computer systems,molecular biology
so much more..u never know!

the 'degree' in time
the winner always rhymes

where do you want to be?
you dont have much of a choice
yet there are so many choices
what we see is not always what we get

what we make out of it ..
what our eyes see..
could be wrong..
but the sight and destination arent..

knowledge and us,inseperable life

there are so many things i dont know
yet there are so many more things i dont know
and there will be so many things i will never know
and yet there will be so many things i would want to know

and yet again...
i dont know...i dont know
Imagination and limitation

(Times have changed and so has my blog,but not to forget my past because of which i am here today!)

The wonder of imagination is seen everywhere, in out work and the results.mankind and his innovative activities list the vastness of work and imagination.Imagination is the power to think and equally the power to create the very features that we inherit from our creator.About the last book i read "probabilities of the quantum world" by daniel danin explains the very nature of imagination,the human development with the time.The book aslo speaks of the limitations that one percieves.

Imagination leads us to new world of thoughts,new ideas and probably a way to conceive the ideas into our work.The wonders of research of scientists was emulated in that book starting from the macroscopic world begins the observations.Observations are governed by the imagination,in some way or the other,our imagination leads us to the observation.The observation leads us to research and the research to our work.The book talks about the macrospopic observations lead to new discoveries and the quest for the microscopic developments and research.The path between classical mechanics and birth of the quantum theory.The probablity of the quantum mechanics were based on conflicting ideas,rejected at first and became unavoidable with time.But again the world has new ways,the limitations and imagination alternate at every phase of life.

However imagination has limits -that they say is the end of the road.Like every thought that flowers and blooms into a beautiful idea,we humans like the thoughts of the creator bloom here.Bright and beautiful but there is an end,the limitation.No thoughts will ever die and no imagination ever ends.the limitations that they say is the road to a new thought a new world, a new area of observation and research and so based is the history of mortals,us in every time and space,our resplendent ideas flower and end of imagination and limitations there is no end,there is imagination and limitations.Their connections and implications however lead us to a new world of imagination again has no end.Inevitable as every thing connected to our world.

(This was my only article posted on my previous blog ,wel a fresh start now and a promising world tommorow)