Sunday, April 09, 2006

God's Theory

The world is going round and round and there are many reasons for that.
One of the most controversial issues is the existence of God. In many ways it is proved that he really exists and in many ways not. Religion is one way in which the rules of heaven are explained to us. Though history proves that there have been many wars, conflicts, riots for religion, it’s very difficult to find the reasons behind this because human faith has reached a point of no turning back in this respect.

Let’s go back to the times of man's first existence, and assume that we don't know anything. Imagine yourself in a situation where you never knew what life was meant to be.
We prowled about like animals into the vast sea of knowledge and such has been the case of fear and survival.
As humans dived into the deep sea of faiths and beliefs, he discovered so many things. There wasn't a soul which couldn't be influenced by these beliefs. No one did question destiny. We all dived together in the sea of blindness. The very question of a difference in thought separated us from each other. From a man of unknown existence we turned into Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains, Jews, Christians and so on.

And down the memory lane just ask ourselves the question, what is all this leading to? Are we living our life or are we living a lie? There's no time to react or to think because we are so busy in our activities.
We have wandered far from our thoughts. We exist today as none other than puppets moved by thoughts and expressions not ours. We have been doing what we are told to, never ever do we raise a question about all that is happening around us. We are afraid of god, but there was never a god who wanted us to be like this. We believe what we never knew and we support things and thoughts that we never thought about. If all this activity is for good, then everything would be running smooth as you would say. But misery exists as a carcinogenic cell in everyone's mind.
You give it a chance and it will multiply to death. It was for us to discover that unless we practice what we believe we will never realize what we have been up to.

Coming to our Indian society and its principles, there is a lot to tell, a lot to believe and a lot not to. When we constrain ourselves in the social sphere, we reduce our thoughts to accept just what we are given, and live and die in this sphere. And the one, who wanders out is given a bad name. He is sort of a criminal in Indian society.

Come out of your shells and take a look at the real world. There’s much to discover than just visiting a temple every weekend. In a place where religion matters so much, it’s been made a survival guide, place where the hard text rules and your mind is hibernating in wondrous worlds. If you really know something, know it to the best of your knowledge. And in the field of existence there is a lot to discover and there is a lot to discard.

Do your self a favor and get to the originals. Leave behind all that u learned form those who never knew what they learnt. It’s really difficult when the world turns you down and you got nothing but your faith and beliefs. Believe in god and have faith. But ever let your faith be practiced in human kind, because god's grace should be always in his hand.

There are some things that you never wanted and some things you wanted to take. Life is a lesson and you will learn it when you are through. Spirituality is a reason for thought, it is an impetus to another world, where illusions rule and not your old desires. You really need it when you are an affected soul, and you need it to live life the way you have been living, its cold and its hard but if you have the courage to face it all then you are welcome to the world of truth, where you will be a child listening to the same old lullaby but this time it will really mean to you and you will get the essence of life away from pride and away from hard earned facts of life. You will feel like never before. The look in your eyes, the glory of your soul, which God always wanted to see that is the prayer, that really holds on. Remember there's a light in every soul that come out to discover the child in us and have your faith in god enhanced and hear the sweetest lullaby of your life! It’s very easy to criticize a thing but it’s really hard to appreciate the same thing. It’s easy to make a promise but very hard to keep it. It’s very easy to say yes to whatever you have but it is very difficult to accept it. It’s easy to fall in love but it’s very difficult to keep it.

And the last remark- it’s very easy to think what you have in mind but it is very difficult to communicate to others.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Black Rain

Black Rain

Burning oil got over
the lights that escaped
never to return bright..

stars shine deceived
obscured by clouds of the night sky

a few hearts scattered
a few more on list

drops rushing down in gravity
a wall comming down in uncertainty

a reaction is the skies
the effect on the ground.

a few men marvel their creations
and make a lot more suffer

a few sleeping people wake up,
watch the rain,
and they carry their belongings inside ,trying to protect
and soon they give up...
the property,the humanity.

everything in fall and people upside down,
blown away by the river.

created by skies,as the water falls
down blend in human color.

rips apart the bonds,
spills over the limits,
and cracks the surface,

while the earth sleeps,
its raining all clouds...BLACK RAIN.

(now let me see ur inferences...)