Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Was Darwin Wrong?

Was Charles Darwin Wrong on his theory of evolution? There have been many articles and a sudden spring of news about this. A few to mention would be a recent National Geographic Magazine issue and a Newspaper –‘Times of India’ article about the same. The latter mentions that there cannot be an "intellectual one" behind the scene and our world cannot be automated because we see evolution everywhere.

The world's diverse life forms are a result of evolution whose evidence dates back to the first living species. True enough the life forms of the world are going through evolution. We see it in every life form in different degrees. But that really put an end to the concept of an “intellectual one” who’s pre-programmed everything? Well, the answer is No. As mentioned in my previous posts, the one that talks about a probabilistic world is the key to the answer. If a program can be based on probability in order to make an output random yet ordered then there can be an Algorithm which governs the evolution of different species over time.

Genetic Algorithms: An algorithm designed to evolve the ‘fittest’ from a given set of data. This algorithm takes a set of data and evaluates them based on a fitness parameters
And after each cycle the winner replaces the weak ones. The algorithm is a part of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and is in wide use in various applications.

Now if this algorithm was implemented with appropriate parameters in this probabilistic world, what we would have today is a world of Evolution which is exactly what Charles Darwin has discovered.

So Charles Darwin was not wrong , but at the same time the concept of evolution does not rule out the possibility of an ‘Intelligent Being’ designing a probabilistic world with genetic algorithm as an integral part of it.

As you would have noticed this is just another connection to the Grand Unification Theory. This puzzle does make more sense now. Isn’t it?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Grand Unification Theory (GUT)

The famous book "A Brief history of time" by Stephen Hawkins mentions About the Grand Unification Theory. It is the theory which aims to unite all the formed postulates, theories, corollaries and inferences of various scientific experiments formed so far in the history of the World. This theory aims to give a common reason for all the discoveries made so far thus aiming at a one big theory that can explain to us Why and How the Universe was born, its purpose and some possible explanations of its future. As you would notice as you go deeper into science of space, there is gap beyond which you don’t have observations (illustrated deeply in my first post imagination and limitation.This gap gives birth to philosophy where the key element to our inferences is imagination. GUT aims at discovery of the reason for our existence. It tries to encompass the Newtonian laws and the Quantum world. It is that theory which will create the bridge between the macroscopic world and the Microscopic world.

So far we have failed to create such a theory but the search for it never ends. If you study the happenings of the world and correlate them to such a theory, you would be surprised to find that each event might give clue to the existence of such a theory. You may find patterns all round this history which lead to some possible explanation or the other. Now to look at the GUT my other post Probabilistic World is just another way. In terms of Computer Science Testing I can describe the former approach (scientific one) as the White Box testing and the philosophical approach (read the post "Probabilistic World") as the Block Box testing. People have formulated different approaches to the same but still the common point or the exact term in science "The missing link" (one of the archaeopteryx style) is yet to be found.

In my forthcoming posts I will be writing about the certain clues that seem to be leading to the GUT.
Some examples are cited below:

Mathematical Approach (Number Theory)-Golden Ratio, Phi, Fibonacci Series

Geometrical Approach-Sacred Geometry

Religionist Approach -The lessons from each religion.

Scientific Approach -Era of theories and corollaries.

GUT now is approachable from many directions by mankind.

"Vivid and flawless Life" but headed by probability.

"Brilliance” yet abstracted from us its complexity.

The reason that we see and the reasons we don’t,
Randomness we see and yet there are patterns.
Hence the name "randomness is almighty".

And wondering from this point if view, we have the GUT itself. GUT is thus aimed in different ways and each way is given a different name. Do you see the pattern of diversity born from it self right here?

(Keep reading for some interesting stuff that I will be posting and that will give you further insight into the GUT.)