Sunday, January 03, 2010

Go Green, Save the Environment

Since 4 years in Bangalore, i have observed a steady rise in temperature, decrease in number of trees. One can feel it when you ride around in corners of inner ring road, where the open area has a good temperature drop. Pollution and cutting down of Trees is changing the climate here drastically. We all liked the climate of Bangalore didn't we? So why not care for it? Last year, inception of cycling has led me to go green and care for the environment. It is this rise in consciousness in each one of us can help save a lot. 

All of us would definitely agree with John Muir,
"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world"
( source:

When it comes to conservation, it started simple with less printing, less use of AC,  electricity conservation, less use of plastics and no littering around of plastics. Now I am contemplating on buying some indoor plants for my home. 

Green Places in Bangalore:
1. Parks - Cubbon Park, Lalbagh and may other Parks present in your locality
2. Art of Living Ashram in Kanakpura Road 
3. Indian Institure of Horticultural Research, Hasseraghatta (
4. Butterfly Park in Bannerghatta National Park.

Cycling and Go-Green Club (
This club encourages you to take cycling to work and support the cause of "go green". 
The usually organize a Sunday morning ride to Cubbon Park from Jayanagar.

Here are some pics from last year, taken at Butterfly Park, Bannerghatta National Park

Let all of us do our little bit, and it will definitely help the environment remain green.

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